*Waiting List By Deposits* ( All waiting list deposit are non refundable )
( We work hard for the people that on this waitng list. Everyone on the list has the first right to reserve our available puppies in order of the ranking on the list, but without your commitment of a reservation i have my right to sell available puppies to others who maybe not on the waiting list )

#1, Carol H, Dunedin, FL,$1400 down( a white or cream show quality small G as pet )
#2, Patricia Donithan, Greenfield OH, $1000 down ( for a show quality G )
#3, Nancy Mudd, Winchester, VA $1000 down( a S-M, Choco, or red&w LH B as pet )
#4, Devyani GulabsiMuscat, Oman, $6000 (a small tri-color G as pet )
#5,  Heidi S, South Carolina, $500 ( show, breeding quality Husky girl ) 
#6, Christine G, $2000 down ( small long hair boy as pet )
#7, Sherry Davis,Boca Raton, FL, $500 ( show quality white smooth girl )
#8, Brenda B F, Virginia, $1600 ( A breeding show quality girl )
#9,Patti Kyne, $500 ( a beautiful sweet long hair puppy girl or boy ) 
#10, Patricia Kyne , $500 ( Not sure what she wants ) 
#11,Anne M Ishee, NJ, $500 deposit (show breeding girl, and boy )
#12,Christopher b, AB,$500 deposit ( for a short hair girl as pet )
#13, Záfia P, Brazil , $1600 deposit ( for a show quality boy , long hair , white / red  & white )

Girl : Eva's Dolly Doll ( i keep her  )
( stunning chocolate/orange sable/tri-color, LH, show quality, super sweet , super outgoing, playful, fearless, super showy ) 

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