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Tell me about the home you would provide along with the puppy you are interested in. 

Eden Secret/ Eva's Chihuahua  reserves the right to refuse placement of our babies with anyone we deem inappropriate.

Deposits, Holding fee and payments are non refundable and taken in good faith, so be sure of your selection before placing your deposit and payment.

Shipping with a pet nanny is now around $600 within the US. we currently located on Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. 

*prices are subject to change at any time before holding fees are placed.

All buyers from Florida have to pay for the delivery cost and vet health certificate.

Puppy's price will rise without a deposit if their quality is getting better and better.

We will not raise the price on a puppy that you have put a deposit on her/him even if the puppy's quality is getting better.

    😭⁠😿⁠😢⁠💘⁠😢⁠💘⁠💔TEAR & BLOOD😭⁠😿⁠😢⁠💘⁠💔

We are downsizing, I can offer most of my best dogs to proven loving special homes. But Those babies are special- they are not cheap! ⁠contact me  if you think you are a PROVEN HOME.

I am an Artist, fashion designer. I work at home most of the time. Showing my fur babies is my biggest  joy and I do it as a hobby. We plan to breed 1 to 3 litters a year. 

Eva's Chihuahuas Are Well Known around the world for more than 20 years. Many of our famous chihuahuas were awarded with International Champions, International Grand Champions, Multiple International Champions, AKC Champions, Westminster Show Stars, Chihuahua Specialty Top Winners, and BISS!  Our breeding stocks come from the old schooled American Chihuahua and Top Word Winners  European with the finest qualities and most sought-after pedigree. We breed to AKC show standard, and strive to produce show quality chihuahuas with sound structure, excellent health and superior temperament for show and companionship. We never offer a free pet, Our puppy mostly prices from 3500 to 6000 depending on the quality.

  *Waiting List By Deposits*
( All waiting list deposit are 
non refundable / all deposit for holding a puppy are non refundable / all payment are non refundable if you change mind by anyreason- only replacement puppy will be given )
( We work hard for the people that on this waitng list. Everyone on the list has the first right to reserve our available puppies in order of the ranking on the list, but without your commitment of a reservation i have my right to sell available puppies to others who maybe not on the waiting list )
#1, Carol H, Dunedin, FL,$1400 down( a white or cream show quality small G as pet )
#2, Nancy Mudd, Winchester, VA $1000 down( a S-M, Choco, or red&w LH B as pet )
#3,  Heidi S, South Carolina, $500 ( show, breeding quality Husky girl ) 
#4, Sherry Davis,Boca Raton, FL, $500 ( show quality white smooth girl )
#5, Brenda B F, Virginia, $1600 ( A breeding show quality girl )
#6,Patti Kyne, $500 ( a beautiful sweet long hair puppy girl or boy ) 
#7, Patricia Kyne , $500 ( Not sure what she wants ) 
#8,Anne M Ishee, NJ, $500 deposit (show breeding girl, and boy )
#9,Christopher b, AB,$500 deposit ( for a short hair girl as pet )
#10, Záfia P, Brazil , $1600 deposit ( for a show quality boy , long hair , white / red  & white )

                 Litter a
(one boy, 2 girls all long haired )
Sire: Champion Rowdy ( one of our new champion of 2021 )
Dam:Eva's Broadway Lady 
DOB: August / 21 /2021

Girl # 1, Little Sweet Panda (small )
Sire: Champion Rowdy ( one of our new champion of 2021 )
Dam:Eva's Broadway Lady 
DOB: August / 21 /2021
Adorable Little Panda is super sweet and very small, she will be around 4 to 4,5 bl size full grown. she is super outgoing, playful,fearless,loves all people and all other pets, no stranger to her. black/ white /red marking, she will make a perfect loving pet to a loving pet home. 

                                   Litter B
( 2 boys, all smooth coat, all show quality ! photos can tells all ! ) 
DOB: August /10 /2021
Pedigree :http://ingrus.net/chihuahua/en/details/168664

Boy: Orange Brindle / White ( show quality ,short & Chubby)
This boy is fat and chubby, super sweet , outgoing and playful , he has amazing orange color and tiger brindle marks- that makes his so 
Price: $6000 ( pending )

 Girl: ❤️ Eva's Ruby Doll ( she is a keeper, but due to down sizing i am offering her to a special home )
Sire: CH. Eva's Lil Zorro 
Dam: Eva's Chocolate Baby Doll
DOB: June / 16 /2020
Price: $ 7000
( i am selling her for downsizing, i do not care that i keep her )

( Westminster  Winner- the Best Husky mark in the nation  )
( Westminster  Winner)


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