We breed to the Show standard. We strive to produce the finest show quality Chihuahuas, and Himalayans Exotic Shorthair cats. We  do this as a hobby. Our chihuahuas are well-known around the world for the last 20 years. Our goal is to produce Himalayans and the Exotic Shorthair that have the same sweet expression and loving personality as our Chihuahuas are known for. All our Fur babies live with us in our home and have our 24 hours loving care. We are located at a beach in FL.

---Our Baby boy Eva's Sunny will be the smallest  therapy dog in the world !---
Just want to share this ❤️One of our baby boy is about 10 month old 2.5 lb now .video from Jenny Chen , CA .

Contact Information 

Eva & Nina Wang 

 email: birchtreellc@hotmail.com 

phone: 718-208-5707

Destin, FL 

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