We came from Matinecock, Long Island, New York. Now we live in a small house in a small community at S R Beach, Florida.  All of our fur babies live with us in our house, we play with them all day long everyday.

I am an Artist, fashion designer. I work at home most of the time. Showing my fur babies is my biggest  joy and I do it as a hobby. 

I breed to better the AKC Show standard chis and CFA show standard cats. I strive to produce the finest show quality Chihuahuas, and Himalayans Exotic  cats with sound structure, excellent health, superior temperament and the sweetest loving expressions for show, joy and companionship..

My chihuahuas have been well-known around the world for the last 20 years. Many of our famous chihuahuas were awarded with International Champions, International Grand Champions, Multiple International Champions, AKC Champions, Westminster Show Stars, Chihuahua Specialty Top Winners, BISS and so on!  Our breeding stocks come from the old schooled American Chihuahua  and  compin with the top winning  European blood with the finest qualities and most sought-after pedigree. My goal is to have the # one chihuahua and # one cat in the nation and to see every puppy and kitten are better than their parents. I only breed the best to the best, and only a few litters a year. Only quality !

Here I would like to share a copy of a message from a smart lady that who has been searching a top quality puppy for a long time and she is on our waiting list for 2 top show puppies now We work hard for our next Westminster show dog, to improve the breed, and also for a smart buyers like her !


---Our Baby boy Eva's Sunny will be the smallest  therapy dog in the world !---
Just want to share this ❤️One of our baby boy is about 10 month old 2.5 lb now .video from Jenny Chen , CA .

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